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Wackiest Week:

Diary of a Secret Witch 1

Penny has always been a perfectly ordinary girl, thank you very much. That is, until the day crazy Auntie Ethel appears on the doorstep with a strange, dusty book and an even stranger story.

Penny can't possibly be anything as amazing and extraordinary as a witch, can she?

Odd things are happening at school and after a talking cat decides that he's living in her bedroom, Penny is starting to believe Auntie Ethel.

Soon, Penny is in trouble way over her head and needs help, but there's just one problem: she has no idea how to undo her accidental magic. As if that wasn't bad enough, she's sworn to secrecy about her new powers.

Can Penny save her family, her school, her entire town... and her secret... before it's too late?

Worst Witch:
Diary of a Secret Witch 2

Penny can't wait to learn magic! When her Auntie Holly whisks her away to a house full of witches, Penny is sure that she's going to have lots of fun.

Unfortunately, it appears that Penny couldn't be any worse at being a witch! Every potion Penny makes is a catastrophe and every spell she casts backfires.

Has there been a mistake?

Penny wonders if she's cut out to be a witch at all, and she's terrified of being sent home and told she can never do magic ever again. That is, until she stumbles upon her secret talent.

It's up to Penny to prove that she's a great witch after all and when her most daring spell goes wrong, Penny's life is in danger and there's no one to help save her.

Will Penny rise to the challenge or forever be the worst witch?

Mischief Magic:

Diary of a Secret Witch 3

Penny is determined to keep her promise not to use magic, but temptation gets the better of her. Before too long, Penny can't stop herself.

She initially uses her magic only for good, however it is a slippery slope. When Penny uses her spells for herself - and to punish her ever deserving arch-nemesis Madison Grey - she risks losing her best friend Anika.

Penny must decide which is more important; her friendship or her secret. Will Anika forgive her before it's too late?

Diary of a Secret Witch

Books 1 - 3 Box Set

Enjoy Wackiest Week, Worst Witch and Mischief Magic in one box set! Available in paperback and for Amazon Kindle.